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Michael Werling
Computer Engineering Student

After my second month at the Flatiron School, I had the pleasure of creating a web application using the Sinatra framework. This opportunity allowed my to use all of the Ruby skills that I learned in the first month of the course and build off of that with cool new tools like ActiveRecord and SQLite, which allow data to be stored in a database.

The basis for my project was a way to track inventions that spontaneously pop into your head. You can store the ideas in this app and go back to them if you need to update information…

As I mentioned in my original post about my first project, one of the hardest aspects to grasp was how to take a collection of data and access it in my program. Thankfully, the Ruby program language comes with built in methods called iterators which allow a program to iterate through an entire collection and do something to each element contained within.

I wanted to take some time to highlight a few of these iterator methods today and explain some similarities and differences between how they are used in common programs.

How do Iterator Methods Work?

Each of the methods that I will discuss below…

Over the last week, I have had the opportunity to get my first working application looked over by a few students and one of our instructors at the Flatiron School. Through this experience, I had the ability to participate in some live coding exercises that not only improved my application, but also helped further my knowledge of the overall Ruby language. Today, one of my instructors thought it would be a good idea to add the functionality to search for each Pokemon type by name instead of just selecting each type by an indexed number.

This experience challenged me to…

How I built my very first CLI application.

My first month at the Flatiron School’s FT Software Engineering program has been nothing short of amazing. The amount of information that I have learned about computer programming has kept me busy, but it is a joy to wake up every morning and learn more about this incredible field.

At the end of each month in the program, we are tasked with creating our very own project from scratch. For our first project, we were tasked with pulling data from a remote source on the internet and manipulating it using the Ruby programming language. …

Why I am changing my career trajectory at 28.

Recently, I spent my summers running a youth camp program in the US Virgin Islands. This is a view of my old “office”.

Since I was young, I have always had two main passions in life: the outdoors and computers. My weekends were either spent going camping, hiking, or backpacking or they were spent playing around on the family computer or on the latest video game console.

When I entered the University of Virginia in the Fall of 2010, I decided that I wanted to study a major that would allow me to continue my passion for the outdoors and be a good steward for the planet. Four years later, I graduated with a B.Sc. …

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